Torrid Bras Review – Great Looking And Great Support

torrid bras

Torrid bras have become quite popular recently for plus size women. The quality and fit of this line have increased tremendously over the past few years, and they are now sold in most department stores nationwide. I actually bought my first pair of torrid bras when I went to a plus size dance class two weeks ago. I had been looking for a bra since I was a teenager, and I finally found the perfect fit and style!

Since there is such a huge variety of bras available, I decided that I would share with other women my experience when I was buying my bras. My daughter likes Angel Campaign bras, but she also wants the latest styles by Torrid. She likes the Angel campaign because it has beautiful straps, and it is made of beautiful fabrics. These days, most girls like different types of fabric as well as different designs.

An Overview

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I can’t explain how much I love the latest styles of plus size bras. I recently saw them on one of my friend’s dresses. When I saw the bra, I knew I had found the perfect bra for my daughter. She wears a D Plus size, and the D cup was too large for her regular bra, so I ordered the special size to make her happy.

When I told her about this bra, I was very excited! She was really excited too. I told her that it is a good size, and it is made of great material. I even tried it on to make sure that it would fit properly, and it fit exactly as I remembered it.

After my daughter’s excellent fitting and wonderful purchase, I decided to do the same thing for myself. I couldn’t believe how great this bra fit me. It was so comfortable that I hardly realized that I was wearing it. I must say that I have exceeded my expectations, and I was ready to show it off right away. I wear my Torrid Bra every day, and I love the way it makes my breasts look, and feels under my clothing.

Torrid Bras Review

I have used different types of bras in the past that have been too small for me, such as the plunge bras that were designed for large busted women. These were not comfortable at all, and I could hardly breathe while wearing them. The problem with these was that they kept my bust from looking natural, and I always ended up wearing one size larger than I needed. With the one that I have purchased, my bust has been nicely balanced, and I enjoy wearing it each and every day!

Another great feature of the Torrid Bras is that the underwire stays on the cups, and the straps are padded for extra support. I also find that the padding makes it easy for my breast to stay in place while I’m wearing the bra. The other great feature that I noticed was the fact that the straps do not dig into my shoulders, or bunch up at my neck. This is especially helpful when I am wearing a strapless bra. This keeps the straps from rubbing on my shoulders, which can irritate my already sore neck.

All in all, I love the way that the Torrid Bras feels on my bust. They stay in place, provide great support, and the overall fit of the bra is perfect! I would recommend these bras to any woman who is looking for an excellent bra that provides great comfort, a natural look, and beautiful support.

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