These 5 Natural Tips will Give You Healthy Eyes for Life

healthy eyes for life

According to a famous saying- eyes are the window of your soul, so keep them healthy. In our everyday busy lifestyle, we tend to ignore our eye health besides other health concerns; since these two diamonds play a bigger role for our whole system, we must take special care of them. With these 5 natural tips, you can maintain healthy eyes for life, read below for tips.

Tip 1: Eye Wash

The first and foremost thing to do in the morning after you wake up is to wash your eyes the right way. First, fill your mouth with water, this expands the eye muscles properly, now splash cold water in the eyes a few times, keep your eyes open. This will immediately give an instant cooling effect to the eyes. You must also splash water in your eyes directly after coming back from outside, make sure you don’t rub them with your fingers.

Tip 2: Eye Tonic

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This super-effective eye tonic will help nourish the nerves of the eyes and restore natural eyesight. Take 7 soaked and peeled almonds, 4 seeds of black pepper, a cube of mishri, and crush them together to form a smooth paste. Now take 250 ml cow milk and put it on heat, add 1 spoon of the paste to it and bring to a boil, drink the milk without straining the ingredients, drink slowly, and don’t eat anything for 1 hour.

Tip 3: Eye Care While Working

Most of today’s daily workers spend half their days in front of a screen, we also spend a huge amount of time on mobile phones and other devices. The tip is to take a break every 45 minutes, sip some water, close your eyes for a minute, and to relax your eyes, rub your palms together and place it over your eyes. If you work in front of a computer most of the time, then keep the brightness medium to low, also try applying a screen guard that blocks harmful rays.

Tip 4: Sleep Better

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Know what destroys your eyes more than electronic screens? Not having proper sleep because sleep is the only way we heal our internal systems. Minimum 7 hours of sleep is essential to keep our eyes healthy; spending nights on your devices or staying up late can put a load on your eyes and destroy natural eyesight. Never sleep with shoes or socks on, if you are wearing any tight garment, jeans, or thick fabrics, make sure to remove them before bed.

Tip 5: Eye Protection

Protect your eyes from harsh sun, pollution, dust, etc by wearing a sunglass; eat foods like gooseberry, carrots, sprouts, ghee, etc; blink more often to prevent dryness, keep your body hydrated, sleep in a completely dark room, and massage the sole of your feet before going to bed.


There are some special yoga and exercises for eyes that are highly effective if you want healthy eyes for life. However, with some everyday caution, we can easily maintain eye health for a lifetime.

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