Some of the Best Stretches for Tight Hip Flexors

hip flexor stretch

Most people spend the vast majority of their time sitting down. Whether at work, commuting, or relaxing in front of the TV at home, our sedentary lifestyles are wreaking havoc on our bodies. One area that is particularly prone to tightness and discomfort is the hip flexors. This can lead to problems such as lower back pain and a restricted range of motion.

Fortunately, many stretches can help to relieve tension in the hip flexors and improve flexibility. In this article, we will discuss some of the best stretches for tight hip flexors. We will also provide instructions on how to perform each stretch correctly.

Some of the best hip flexors stretch:

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The Standing Quad Stretch:

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Start with feet hip-width apart and your palms on a wall in front of you for balance. With the right foot, take a big step forward so that the foot is flat on the ground, heel down with knee bent 90 degrees over toes.

Keeping weight in the right heel, bend the left knee until you feel the stretch in your quad/front of thigh/knee (be sure not to collapse into the lower back). Hold 30 seconds, repeat 3 times on each side. You can also play around with the toe position a bit to vary where you feel the stretch! Keep hips square and chest lifted tall throughout this stretch.

The Wall Quad Stretch:

Stand with back against wall and feet hip-width apart, legs straight.

Bend your right knee and place your hands on the ground in front of you so your that back leg is now resting/hanging on your left side (you can also use a chair for balance).

Allow your hips to shift slightly forward/pull them back if needed until you feel the stretch in your quad without pain or discomfort in knees or hips! Hold 30 seconds, repeat 3 times on each side.

The Side-Lying Clam:

Lie on the side with knees bent and feet together. Support top knee with hand and gently lift the leg up, keeping thighs parallel.

Keeping hips stacked, open knee away from the body while keeping the thigh parallel to the floor for 30 seconds, repeat 3 times each side. You should feel it in the outer hip of the bottom leg but without any pain in the back/front of the knee or top hip. Try opening hips a bit more each time until the hip is fully open, just be sure not to rotate the top foot or drop foot down. Keep chest lifted tall.

The Seated Pigeon:

Sit with your right leg bent in front of you and left leg crossed behind you, holding left ankle with your left hand (you can also use a strap/belt).

Gently lean forward until you feel the stretch in your hips. Hold for 30 seconds, repeat 3 times with each leg crossed behind you. You can continue to lean further toward the ground if needed until you feel the stretch in your glutes and lower back (just be sure not to collapse into your lower back!) The key is to maintain that 90-degree angle between your torso and thigh, do not allow your belly to rest on top of your thigh Keep chest lifted tall.

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