Relax: Mind, Body, And Soul - Health Benefits Of Having A Relaxed Mind

Relax: Mind, Body, And Soul

Relax: Mind, Body, And Soul

We think that lying on the sofa, watching TV programs or listening to the news on the radio is relaxation. However, these are not relaxation, as while hearing news we are in stress and suspense which hooks us. These types of activities make us passively active. Relax whenever and wherever you feel stressed out. Try to Relax is critical situations which will help one keep calm and handle situations wisely and efficiently.

Relax: Mind, Body, And Soul
Relax: Mind, Body, And Soul

Relax: Different Ways Of Relaxing At Home

Take Deep Breaths

Taking deep breaths is one of the best ways of relaxation. Most of the experts and doctors prescribe for deep breathing as it gives a quick response to keeping stress away. Some of the therapists recommend to inhale five deep breath and release the air inside in three times. Practicing this for five times will release the pressure and makes us more comfortable.

Relax: Listening To More Instead Of Talking

While communicating with other people, our brain releases some chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine. It makes us feel good. Some of the experts say that if we listen calmly, our blood pressure goes down, and we became calm and stress-free.

Relax: Meditation

Researchers throughout the world are analyzing the process of relaxation. Meditation is one of the ways which causes some effect in our brain. Amygdala is a tiny section of our mind. Meditating for several weeks makes the amygdala less sensitive and helps us to reduce stress.

Afternoon Nap

An afternoon nap can reduce fatigue and make us alert and promote relaxation. If we take a short afternoon nap, it will keep the stress away.

Calling Up Old Friend

Relax: Mind, Body, And Soul
Relax: Mind, Body, And Soul

Loneliness or depression creates a significant problem in health. High blood pressure, low immunity, and heart disease will occur. People feel helpless with their difficulties and unable to find a way to get out of it. However, calling an old friend makes you will feel better and keep away your stress. It is also suitable for your health.

Listen To Relaxation CD

There are some guide relaxation CDs. Some of the guided CDs show the easiest ways of relaxation. We can hear music or focus on our breathing, some meditation which keeps the stress away. Dancing on a favorite song, closing eyes and thinking of the present problems helps in releasing tension. Some exercises for relaxation or play a musical instrument, taking time to notice trees or going to visit nature, etc.


Acupressure is a touch therapy. It develops the blood circulation and the fluids of the body to flow smoothly. Pressing some point of our organization, we can control the feeling of panic, restlessness, concentrating, staying asleep. It also helps to manage fatigue, irritability, digestive problem, and muscle tension. 

These were specific ways one can relax. One needs to stay relaxed to lead a healthy life. A life full of stress is not a life. Relax oneself in different ways and ideas. It will not only keep you calm but also refresh your mind and soul.  Relax when you need to and not when you don’t have to.

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