Household Air Pollution May Have Serious Mental Health Effects On You

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Air pollution in India has become a serious concern for many Indians. Many have realized the damage-air pollution can cause to our bodies and health. In fact many of us have moved to other countries to escape the air pollution we deal with here.

It Comes From The Fuels Like Diesel And Petrol

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But what most people don’t realize is that air pollution in India mainly comes from the use of fuels like diesel and petrol in cities. More importantly vehicles. It gets worse when you add fuel and more cars on the roads and the pollution just gets worse. According to the Central Pollution Department, Delhi the capital city of India has the 3rd worst air pollution in the world. Of the 30 most contaminated cities in the globe, 21 were in India last year.

There are many cities where air pollution is a major concern and have reported a steady rise in cases of acute respiratory problems. Of the top ten cities where this problem is at its worst is Delhi. Delhi not only has the capital city but also has one of the biggest populations. And yet the pollution is terrible. The reason for this is very simple.

Fossil Fuels  Are Used For Both Industrial And Domestic Purposes

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As already explained, air pollution in India mostly comes from the use of fossil fuels. These fuels include petrol and diesel, which are used for both industrial and domestic purposes. Not only is it bad for the environment but also the health of ordinary people. This is the same with cities where there is an over population; more people mean more polluted cities and the same with rural areas.

The major reason why the air pollution in India continues to get worse is the increased use of open fires. This is the burning of wood and paper to manufacture products like coal and biomass burning stoves. As compared to the past, there is a greater use of solid fuel like petroleum and coal in Indian cities. The reason behind this is that it is cheaper to use than the other two but the harmful gases produced during combustion remain.

Burning Of Waste Materials

Air pollution may also come from the burning of waste materials like garbage and oil. There is a great deal of waste that gets accumulated in our landfills and the matter becomes a breeding ground for various infectious diseases. It affects the air quality of the cities by polluting it. When this happens, it becomes difficult to breathe. To prevent such a situation, the government has imposed a lot of regulations on waste disposal and on the population to keep the air clean.

Final Thoughts

Life expectancy is also affected by the level of pollution in an area. For example, those in the densely populated areas have a higher probability of catching chronic respiratory ailments like asthma and chronic lung diseases. And, those who reside in Delhi and other cities with higher air pollution readings have a shorter life expectancy. If you are not able to visit Delhi soon in next two years to improve your life expectancy, you should start to shift to some other northern part of India where air pollution is less. As per the present trend, Delhi has the highest level of ambient air pollution in India and people living in this city experience breathing difficulties most of the times.

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