Must-Have Yoga Outfits and Accessories

womens yoga outfits

Yoga accessories help you enhance your overall yoga experience. Items like a yoga wheel, yoga block, yoga mat and such others help you perform the asanas with ease. These enable you to balance your body better. So if you are planning to practice yoga, then you should buy these yoga must-have accessories.

Yoga Mat

It is not recommended to perform yoga without using a yoga mat. A yoga mat of the right texture, material and thickness helps you perform your asanas with ease. The thickness of the yoga mat should be such that it provides ample padding and yet helps you make a connection with the ground. A Pilates mat is generally thicker than a yoga mat and is not suggested for yoga, while a yoga mat can be used for Pilates. Similarly, you need to pick up a mat that has the right degree of stickiness. This prevents slippage while performing asanas. You need to establish a better grip with your body while performing these asanas.

Yoga Block

A yoga block is generally used by advanced level yogis. It is also used by yoga teachers and gurus to teach yoga asanas to intermediate level students. A yoga block is a solid piece of wood, cork or plastic block used to better the balance of your body. You can take the help of a yoga block in various yoga asanas so that you can perform them better. A block becomes like an extension in various poses and in some, helps to stretch your body well. In standing pose, a yoga block gives you support.

Yoga Wear

While performing yoga, you need to be dressed up in very comfortable and stretchable clothes. A loose-fitted harem pants or a spandex/nylon legging are perfect bottoms while performing the exercises. Moreover, you can either wear a sports bra or a comfortable top in a breathable fabric. Do not wear garments that are too tight or made of a material that does not absorb sweat.

Yoga Wheel

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A yoga wheel is used in various poses involving arching the back and such others. It helps you stretch or arch your back all the more. With the help of a yoga wheel, you can perform all your floor asanas with better stretch. They are made in such a way that they can take up to 300 kg of weight without getting shapeless. 

Yoga Mat Cleaner

This is an important yoga accessory if you want to continue for long. Your mat will get very dirty, slimy and greasy. You need to constantly clean it with a proper mat cleaner to keep all the dirt, germs, sweat and dust at bay. 

Yoga Towel

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Yoga does make you sweat a lot. You will need a yoga towel to constantly wipe your face, shoulders, neck and all the other body parts where you sweat profusely. The dripping sweat disturbs your flow of motion and hence a towel is a necessity

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