6 High-Quality Yoga Apparel Brand That Cares For Nature And Fashion

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Getting fit is easy but finding the fit yoga apparel isn’t. All those who swear by yoga should focus on right wear as well because your body needs to breathe. And even though you aren’t doing intense workouts like HIIT, yoga clothes can make a significant difference in your performance.

Flexi, comfy, and sustainable; that’s what right yoga wear is. If you haven’t get one yet, here are some best brands to shop for all the necessary wear for your yoga sessions.

Famous Yoga Apparel Brands That Serves Fashion And Quality

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Ripple Yoga Wear

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Only two words for this brand- Comfortable and Ethical. Ripple yoga wear offers a minimalist clothing option without compromising the quality. They use only organic material for manufacturing activewear.

Moreover, they are very much concerned about nature, and the GOTS certification is proof. However, their products are luxurious, which may make you switch to other brands. But the designs and clothing quality is unmatchable that can make anyone its regular customer.

Day Won

Day won offers yoga apparel for everyone, be it slim or oversize. They don’t differentiate their customers with their body size. And to spread the positive change to society, day won has come up with active wears for all bodies, plus they use recycled materials.

Prints and styles are unique, which attract buyers in one sight. So if you are struggling to find the right yoga wear of your size, look no further than day one.

FP Movement

You are going to love this brand for its bohemian-style activewear. Thus, they get a place in every fitness enthusiast’s wardrobe. And their journey is not limited to yoga classes; they are also best for everyday looks, whether casual or for an outing.

You can confidently walk around the town in your FP movement yoga apparel.


Buy for a good cause; that’s what satva aims for. They produce clothes that give back to the community from where they source the materials. Satva contributes to the education of young girls for the village from cotton is sourced. So, wearing yoga apparel by satva will give you immense pleasure besides feeling comfortable and confident.

All clothes are made of non-GMO organic cotton.

Girlfriend collective

A brand that understands what a girl wants, even if it’s about yoga wears: the girlfriend collective has vast options for everyone. From trendy bras to cool fishnets, you will find everything here. And what makes them even more special is their vision. They convert the trash into treasure, and till now, the girlfriend collective has saved millions of gallons of water by recycling water bottles.

So don’t just buy for yourself, but also for the environment.


Vuori is special for two reasons- its coastline designs and fashionable men’s wear. And like every other yoga apparel brand on our list, vuori also cares for the planet. Ethical, organic, and sustainability are its three main features.

Sweaty Betty, joy lab, Montiel, and outdoor voices are few more brands to add to your list. All are worthy and produce clothes that suit you and nature as well. So go and pick the best yoga wears and change the way to fit the body.

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